Humdrum Jottings from Daily Life

Tea Interruptus

Small things agitate us. And we allow it.

One trifling matter catches hold of me almost every second day. It’s become second nature. An OTP for an item ordered from Amazon gets roadblocked by poor network connectivity and my brow furrows. I feel irritable at the delay and that I’ll have to go through the whole process again. Or a random service phonecall comes just when I want to settle down with my hot cup of tea and by the time I’m done with the call the tea is cold.

What’s this irritability about? By fouling my mood up so easily I’m playing into some invisible rogue hands. Why can’t I be more accepting about the simple fact that it, whatever, is not designed to be smooth.

That’s the bottom line we all must accept. If possible with a smile. Whoever designed this grand super structure of life on a planet that is but a blue dot in the universe, did not intend it to be a walk in a park for the inhabitants. It was all set up as a super obstacle course.

And if we trust the wisdom of that One then this business of life with all its travails and obstacles in big things and small must serve some good purpose.

Is the purpose of every little or big irritant or obstacle, to train us in the gym of life to attain an inner equipoise, a composure, where things don’t get on top of us, but instead we’re on top of everything?

That would be a great feeling for sure.

No amount of stuck OTPs nor service phone calls could faze us, or sabotage our tea pleasure.

Will give it a shot and try and change my perspective on these daily irritants. They won’t stop coming but I will receive them differently and see how that works out for me…

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